Welcome to Qualits

Your business is booming and you need a strong partner to manage your IT Projects. Our project-based approach guarantees that you can manage the digital transformation of your company with complete peace of mind. Rely on more than 15 years of expertise in consulting management.

    Our teams will accompany you:

  • Custom development
  • Implementation of our solutions
    in business management
  • Analysis, monitoring and coordination of IT projects.

    Our goals:

  • Tariff transparency
  • Preliminary feasibility analysis
  • Adequacy of the result with the client's expectations.
  • Information security
  • Ease of use

Discover TREE ERP

Imagine a world where your employees use a single application, where the quality of communication is an added value for the development of your company. A world in which resources and products are shared by all. Discover TREE ERP, the application that unleashes the potential of your company.Human Resources, Fleet and Machinery, Recruitment, Internal Purchasing, Customer Relations, Project Tracking, Inventory, Production, Invoicing, if at least one of these topics catches your attention, come and discover what TREE ERP can do to make your entrepreneurship easier.

Our Services

    Project analysis

  • Understanding technical requirements
    and functional.
  • Consistency and adequacy with the need.
  • Integration into existing systems.
  • Drafting of specifications.

    Audit and consultancy

  • Functional analyses.
  • Implementation of procedures.
  • Advice and recommendations.

    Project Management

  • Constitution of project teams.
  • Coordination and planning.
  • Report and follow-up meetings.
  • Assistance to the realization.
  • Reception of projects.

    Digitisation of companies

  • Project maturity analysis.
  • Audit and inventory of fixtures.
  • Feasibility analysis.
  • Development and customization of ERP modules.
  • Implementation and management of changes

Personalized development

Your software needs developed according to your specifications or following the analysis of our experts. Whatever the level of progress of your reflection to the identification and resolution of your need, the QUALITS team of analysts and developers will accompany you. The follow-up of customer requirements is our priority. A follow-up committee is set up in order to ensure the alignment of the solutions provided.QUALITS thus ensures a total adequacy between your request and the result provided.QUALITS has hosting and maintenance formulas for your software.


Web Site

Do you need a website for your company or business? Then don't hesitate to contact us for a domain that will attract new customers!


UI Design

For an application or a website to be attractive, the interface must be one of the priorities during your development. We offer proposals and functional mock-ups to have a perfect simulation of your future projects!


Identitée visuelle

Without visual identities, companies can no longer stand out and confront their competitors. For this reason, Qualits offers you personalised media creations, logo design and many other types of visual media to make an impression.


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Web Designer

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